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Emergency Management Agencies

A typical dispatch center console


Emergency management continues to progress at academic levels for the following reason: communications integration. In the digital age of lightning quick messaging, social media management and multi-channel communication funneling, the need for trained personnel is on the rise. Law enforcement and fire/medical personnel are encumbered with handling an emergency situation while EMA personnel put the pieces together behind the scenes. Allowing drones to operate in, for example, disaster areas allows EMA personnel to capture video and still pictures while simultaneously and concurrently sharing those images with select organizations and individuals. Video and picture sharing paints a picture much faster than text. Recording and still frame features on DJI flight software via iOS and Android systems gives the user the ability to share images quickly so that others may benefit EMA efforts. Image sharing from a unique drone point of view (POV) is invaluable when lives are at stake.


Cross-agency support

EMA often performs duties typically held by police and firefighters. Personnel frequently “dual-hat” in sparsely populated counties and their toolbox sometimes reflect the local population. But having one, maybe two, lower-cost drones like the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual allows EMA personnel to operate in many roles. More capabilities needed? Look at the Matrice Series. Population size, topography, geographic location and personnel strength will determine your organization’s requirements for aerial cover. These requirements will drive your drone needs. Range, flight time, durability, networking, modular capability and set-up time are the results of your requirements. FSS Ventures will insure your specific needs are met. We understand city and county budgets often limit law enforcement and fire departments from purchasing emerging technologies, but putting drones in the hands of EMA personnel covers three bases at a time. You have choices and we’re here to assist your decision.