FSS Ventures LLC

First Responders

First Responders

Law Enforcement Agencies


Police, sheriffs and state law enforcement professionals rely upon FSS Ventures to deliver unique solutions for their unique needs. We understand the need for tactical employment while maintaining secure communication lines between remote pilots and video receivers. We highly respect your anonymity in maintaining a secure posture during training, public events and high-risk situations. Our sales team has first-hand experience of tactical drone employment in combat zones and state-side "need to know" training. Our unique knowledge basis is unparalled and we want to pass that knowledge onto your agency. Reducing risk, increasing personnel safety and optimizing situational awareness is our mission as much as it yours.

Fire Departments


Fire departments from city, county and volunteer houses have a clear understanding on drone implementation during emergency situations. High-resolution 4k cameras allow remote pilots to observe areas of interest with perfect clarity, acuity and contrast. Forward looking infrared (FLIR) sensors allow emergency personnel to view "hot spots" on and within objects subject to fire consumption. And the ability to view an area of interest from a position uninhibited from a drone point of view is invaluable when lives and property are at risk. These three reasons alone are enough for any on-scene commander to utilize these capabilities only imagined a decade ago.

Emergency Management Agencies


County and state emergency management services were among the first to employ drones for search and rescue missions in the absense of organic local law enforcement and fire department drone capabilities. Drones owned and operated by county EMA's have been widely used in smaller, less populated areas when police and/or fire services lack the funding and/or need. EMA personnel often perform flying duties "on call" for police and fire due to their ability to network with multiple agencies in and across jurisdictional boundaries. Drone capabilities in the hands of EMA can take up more humanitarian roles instead of traditional tactical employment, such as: geographic mapping, weather-related situations, concert crowd control and street traffic surveillance.