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Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Rely upon FSS Ventures to deliver unique solutions for your unique needs. Reducing risk, increasing personnel safety and optimizing situational awareness is our mission as much as it yours.


Law Enforcement Agencies

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Secure Communications We understand the need for rapid employment while maintaining secure communication between remote pilots and video receivers. We know the importance of maintaining a secure posture during training, public events and high-risk situations. Our sales team has first-hand experience in tactical drone employment.

Scene Development Having the right tools at your side reduces misjudgment and accelerates positive identification time when each critical second counts. Acquiring the correct target can be the difference between mission success and failure. With DJI’s high-resolution cameras in-place from tactical points of view during high-risk situations, positive identification probability increases exponentially.


Fire Departments

Response Time Fire departments from city, county and volunteer houses have a clear understanding on drone implementation during emergency situations. High-resolution 4k cameras allow remote pilots to observe areas of interest with perfect clarity, acuity and contrast. And the ability to view an area of interest from a position uninhibited from a drone point of view is invaluable when lives and property are at risk.

"Hot Spots" Forward looking infrared (FLIR) sensors allow emergency personnel to view "hot spots" on and within objects subject to fire consumption. DJI produces very affordable FLIR capability in the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual and specific Zenmuse cameras on compatible platforms. Observing areas of heightened heat levels, such as rooftops or a human profile, gives the remote pilot the ability to quickly communicate situational details to lifesavers in the midst of the action. Achieving risk avoidance and simultaneously saving lives is a priceless combination.

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Emergency Management Agencies

Cross-Agency Support Drones owned and operated by county EMA's have been widely used in smaller, less populated areas when police and/or fire services lack the funding and/or need. EMA personnel often "dual hat" for police and fire due to their ability to network with multiple agencies in and across jurisdictional boundaries. Population size, topography, geographic location and personnel strength will determine your organization’s requirements for aerial cover. Range, flight time, durability, networking, modular capability and set-up time are the results of your requirements.

Expedient, Expeditionary & Lightweight DJI’s Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual maximizes every cubic inch to deliver RGB optics with an accompanying FLIR camera, an object avoidance system, aircraft detection capability and modular add-ons. The entire system fits into a seven pound 15” x 12” x 8” hard case or smaller soft case for maximum travel economy. Employing the Mavic 2 takes less than five minutes for the remote pilot to begin flying. The larger, more capable cousins of the Mavic 2 are more sophisticated with 10 minute set-up times.