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Farmspace to offer service after the UAV sale

From the fruit tree fields of Argentina to Tennessee ag-country, Farmspace Systems LLC believes its unmanned aircraft vehicle-based business model can provide agronomist, farming operations and others with a unique level of service. Formed by former U.S. Marine Corp. Lieutenant General John Castellaw, the Alamo, Tennessee team will provide clients with consulting services, platform options, flight training and service after the sale.

Late last year, the Farmspace team traveled to Argentina to test its UAV platforms over a variety of crop fields ranging from fruit trees to walnut trees. The team was joined by Doug Campbell, operations manager of UAS at Middle Tennessee State University’s department of aerospace. The trip provided with Campbell and the Farmspace team with experience in UAS flight operations, data gathering and in-field operation procedures that they believe will correlate to future Argentina and U.S. UAV operations.

“Veterans have a great experience operating machines that bring in a variety of data links,” Castellaw said. “GPS is the first thing we do in the morning. When I was a commander, I wanted to know what was going on in every inch of my space at all times. I used sensors, I used satellites, everything. Farmspace allows us to utilize our data gathering experience.”

The Farmspace team has established business relationships with a handful of implements and other farm-related services in Tennessee. A partnership has also been formed with 3D Robotics Inc. for the distribution and sale of the UAV platform. The service after the sale motto applies well to the farming community, according to Castellaw. Farmers and growers want to know who they are working with, he said. They want information and technology explained to them when they have questions, he added. “We will offer that.” 

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Patton Webb